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Possible Ecological Solutions
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Our current fossil fuel energy system creates 80 percent of the human-made CO2 emissions. The first step is to emphasize conservation. It’s cheaper to help customers save electricity than to try to sell them more of it.

"An informed global public may be all that is required to bring an end to the climate-destabilizing fossil fuel era." Dr. Ty Cashman Former secretary of energy of California. Quoted in Alternatives to Economic Globalization, p. 158.

The primary fight over energy production is between centralists and decentralists; that is, decentralizing the generation of energy as well as the authority and control. Therefore, the discussion is about democratic control as well as the generation of energy. New technologies can place an affordable, reliable, and accessible power supply near where it is needed, using the renewable sources of wind, solar, geothermal, biomass. When created with renewable energy, hydrogen produces a decentralized, completely zero-emission energy loop. Hydrogen can be used for both stationary (heating) and transportation (cars) applications. This energy can be stored in fuel cells. Petroleum-based natural gas will be the transition fuel to renewable energy. Switching to renewable energy will create many new jobs.

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We need to delegitimize our culture of consumerism (“shop ‘til you drop”). We cannot continue western binge habits while denying the poor a decent standard of living. In addition, goods need to be produced without poisoning our air, land, and water, and we need to require Green Purchasing by businesses, universities, governments.

Corporations need to use the concept of Zero Waste, (also called Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) or a "cradle-to-cradle" analysis). Many corporations are already working on the system in which manufacturers design the production system instead of designing just the product. The Zero Waste concept means creating materials in a way that eliminates wastes, so there is no need for waste management. This changes both long- and short-term incentives. Manufacturers redesign products to reduce material consumption and facilitate reuse, recycling and recovery. The goal is efficient production of all the goods and services society needs without any form of waste--no liquid waste, no gaseous waste, and no solid waste.

Our tools are always employed in the service of an ideology. Bill McKibben

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