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Our Ecological Problems
Climate Change and Global Warming PDF Print E-mail

"It is an excruciating experience to watch the planet fall apart piece by piece in the face of persistent and pathological denial." Boiling Point – Ross Gelbspan


Although it is finally beginning to change, the primary problem is that people don’t think there’s much of a problem. There’s no agreement on the basic facts. For 20 years, the oil and coal industries have waged a PR campaign to stop any action on global warming. They have been able to discredit science, making it just one more special interest, and scientific results a matter of opinion, rather than of fact. They have also been able to maintain the public perception that the science of global warming is still unproven. And they have kept the focus on the economy, so that the argument becomes any attempt to lower the use of fossil fuels with “harm the economy.” They have been able to maintain the impression that we can choose between the current situation or changes that will economically impact the fossil fuel industry. They ignore what will happen if we continue to do nothing.

“If we continue down the path we are going, we will produce changes greater than any experienced in the past 300 million years.” Kenneth Caldeira, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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A pollutant is any substance that, when in an environment, poisons our air, land and water. Chemicals have poisoned all of the world, harming humans, wildlife, and plant life, on land, sea and air. Approximately 100,000 synthetic chemicals are now on the market, with one thousand new chemicals are added yearly.

Although companies test the toxicity of their products individually, they do not exist alone in the environment. Compounds are altered in combination with others, but the effect of these combinations are not tested or studied. Pesticides, designed to kill insects, weeds and fungus, are also toxic to human nervous systems, and are linked to cancer and reproductive, developmental, neurological and immune-system damage. Every chemical we use, every substance we produce, in manufacturing, farming, energy use, or consumption, remains here on Earth. These poisons may seem to disappear—but they are only hidden.

The World Health Organization reports that 3 million people now die each year from the effects of air pollution. This is three times the 1 million who die each year in automobile accidents.

In the United States, traffic fatalities total just over 40,000 per year, while air pollution claims 70,000 lives annually. U.S. air pollution deaths are equal to deaths from breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.

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