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Stewardship of Creation Curricula


The following lesson plans were created by students in Dr. Lib Caldwell's Teaching Methods in the Church course, taught Fall semester of 2007 at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago.

Each of the lesson plans can stand on its own, or you can combine them to form a more comprehensive curriculum. Feel free to use and adapt these resources to the needs of your community, but please be sure to appropriately attribute the source. Thank you!

Intergenerational Lesson Plans:

As I See It by Nanette Banks

Check It Out! An Environmental Audit of Church Buildings for All Ages by Jonathan Halvorson

Food and the Environment by Jason Bense

Spread the Word by Herbert L. Johnson, Jr.

Stewardship Lessons from the "Good Old Days" by Jane Tuma

First Communion Lesson Plan:

First Communion and Stewardship of Creation (Week One: Bread) by Rakel Evenson

Confirmation (Junior High Age) Lesson Plan:

Stewardship of the Earth by Michael Zurek

Adult Education Lesson Plan:

Recycling for Adults: A Little Time Can Make a Big Difference by Collins Hunter

Worship Service:

Stewardship of Creation Eucharistic Liturgy Setting by Mark Fischer


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