It is absolutely crucial that education becomes an integral component in our efforts to become communities that care for creation. We cannot assume that people discern the urgent nature of the ecological issues. We cannot take for granted that they understand the dynamics of global warming or the deterioration of the ozone layer or the loss of biological species. We cannot assume that people will see how some biblical interpretations and some theological points of view have in fact been contributing to the mentality that degrades the Earth. Learning about these things is essential to becoming part of the movement in the church to care for the earth.

1. Theological Reflection: why education is essential

2. Action Plan: implementation ideas

3. Resources: curriculum, books, ideas, and more!


4. Checklist: keep track of your creation-care commitments









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2 Learn about Particular Issues: Introduction
3 Learn about Particular Issues
4 Solution: Urban Food Deserts
5 Solution: Local Foods
6 Solution: Healthy for Earth, Healthy for Me
7 Freegans
8 Solution: Food
9 Solution: Land Use
10 Solution: Production of Goods
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