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Become Familiar with Your Earth Community

Consider a great project for the youth group. Invite them to identify all the members of earth-community that share the small parcel of creation that comprises your church property: ground animals, birds, insects, worms and beetles, trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables in a garden, grasses, soil, and rocks. Then ask them to find a way to bring the rest of the congregation to awareness. Do we know how much we depend on them for our well being (such trees to breathe and beetles to aerate the soil)? How are we part of their ecosystem with them? How do our actions in lawn care harm them? Do we make provisions for their well being? Can we see them as worship partners? Could we include some of them in the church directory?!

You get the idea. See what you can do. Meanwhile for a very readable book on getting back our human connection with nature, see Anthony Weston, Back to Earth. For our loss of connection to earth, see The Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv.


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