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Incorporate Eco-Justice Concerns in Preaching

“For the fact is that we too live at a moment when God wants the greatest empire on earth to turn, to change course immediately-- so that the world will not be destroyed.” Get ideas for preaching about issues of eco-justice by reading the rest of Barbara Rossing’s sermon: Climate Change – Vulnerability, Lament and Promise. You can also check out other sample sermons connecting the good news of God and the care of God’s creation in our Worship section.

Proclaim the word and then take steps to make changes in the life of your congregation. Here is a handy checklist for items to green your church buildings, your church grounds, and your congregational practices. The list stands on its own, and it also correlates with the Environmental Guide for Congregations, Their Buildings and Grounds, a manual available on our site for free downloading (see home page under “Manuals”).

Make a commitment to caring for creation!


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