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Choose a month and agree as a congregation to reduce your transportation footprint. Ask members to walk, bike, take public transportation, and share rides to church (and elsewhere). Celebrate people’s accomplishments in the worship service.

During the worship service, have a team of people go from car to car in the parking lot and check the tire pressure for maximum mileage. Reset the pressure with a foot pump.

Look up facts about the human carbon print of transportation modes and publicize the variety of ways to reduce it.

Each year, humanity pours 5.7 billion tons (and rising) of pollutants into the atmosphere from industrial stacks, automobiles, and the burning of forests. The greenhouse effect is causing a rate of climate change 100 times faster than at any time in human history. The warmest years on record have occurred in the last decade. Earth’s surface and atmosphere are warming; oceans are expanding and currents are slowing; ocean levels are rising; ice shelves are melting faster than projected; spring is coming ever sooner; storms are more intense and longer-lasting; rainfall patterns are changing, which will shift growing belts; North American migratory birds are ranging further north; the ability of the earth to self-regulate to resist warming appears top be waning. Has anything happened in recent years to cause a reasonable person to switch sides in the global-warming debate? Yes: the science has changed from ambiguous to near unanimous. (Gregg Easterwood). Every effort to reduce your carbon print is helpful. Eco-transportation month is one important way to do it.


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