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* Serve local bread and wine at communion

* Invite the congregation to make homemade communion bread

Recipe can be found at: HYPERLINK "http://www.luthersem.edu/ resources/communion_bread_recipe.asp" http://www.luthersem.edu/resources/communion_bread_recipe.asp)

* Invite people to participate in an offering of letters during or after worship

Bread for the World: HYPERLINK "http://www.bread.org" www.bread.org

* Include interesting news or facts about food and eating (seasonal produce, gardening tips, nutrition info, local farms, community events, food policy, etc.) in the bulletin or church newsletter

* Create and present a scripture drama or liturgical dance based on the

Feeding of the 5000 or the Wedding at Cana.

* Enlist quilters and painters and sculpters in the congregation to design and oversee a community art project which can be displayed in the worship

space on the themes of: Thankfulness, Abundance, Creation, and Justice

* See the Web of Creation home page for Hymn and Prayer resources

Harvest for the World: A Worship Anthology on Sharing in the Work of Creation, compiled by Geoffrey Duncan, 2003.


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