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When considering practices of Creation Care, it seems obvious that we chould talk about ways to protect, preserve and enjoy the wild places that surround us. And yet, it is all too easy to take these forests, prairies, waterways and other wilderness areas for granted. We do so at our own peril, as they are vital resources for ourselves and for future generations - in addition to being intrinsically good and important pieces in God's Good Creation!

Clayton Daughenbaugh works as Midwest Field Organizer for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and is a volunteer member - and current chairperson - of the Sierra Club's National Wildlands Committee. He is a Methodist Christian actively involved in his congregation's Environmental Justice Committee, and has created a resource series that can be very helpful in orienting your congregation to some of the problems facing wilderness areas, and guiding you toward positive actions to helppreserve God's Good Creation.

Wilderness Problems
What are some of the problems facing wilderness areas? The essay on this page will give you a great introduction to the issues.

Wilderness Solutions
This page begins with a brief essay and then moves on to offer a variety of practical ideas that your congregation might consider implementing.

Spirituality and Wilderness: A Guide for Small Group Discussion
This is a link to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance website's resources for faith-based dialogue groups.

Sample Wilderness Resolution
This page gives an example of how you might create a resolution that fits your context.


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