Earth Bible

Volume 4, Series 1
The Earth Story in the Psalms and The prophets
Table of Contents

  1. The Voice of Earth: More than Metaphor?
    Earth Bible Team


  1. Friend or Foe: Earth Sea and Chaoskampf in the Psalms
    Peter Trudinger
  2. Rescuing Earth from a Storm God: Psalms 29 and 96-7
    Norman Habel & Geraldine Avent
  3. 'Jubilate Deo omnis terra': God and Earth in Psalm 65
    Howard N. Wallace
  4. The Earth Song in Psalms 90-92
    William J. Urbrock
  5. Psalm 104: A Celebration of the Vanua
    Arthur Walker Jones
  6. Psalm 104: An African Reading
    Abotchie Ntreh
  7. An Ecobosadi Reading of Psalm 127.3-5
    Madipoane Masenya


  1. A Prophetic (Fore)Word: 'A Curse is Destroying Earth,' Isaiah 24.6
    Norman J. Charles
  2. The Vision of Land in Jeremiah 32
    Gunther H. Wittenberg
  3. Ezekiel's Formula of Desolation: Harsh Justice for the Land/Earth
    Keith Carley
  4. If Earth Could Speak: The Case of the Mountains against YHWH in Ezekiel 6, 35, 36
    Kalinda Rose Stevenson
  5. Earth Community in Hosea 2
    Laurie J. Braaten
  6. Ecojustice of Anthropological Justice: A Study of the New Heavens and the New Earth in Isaiah 65.17
    Anne Gardner
  7. 'The Wolf, the lamb, and a little child': Transforming the Earth community in Isaiah
    John Olley

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