Earth Bible

Volume 1, Series 1
Readings from the Perspective of Earth
Table of Contents

  1. Introducing the Earth Bible
    Norman Habel
  2. Guiding Ecojustice Principles
    Earth Bible Team
  3. Ecofeminist Contributions to an Ecojustice Hermeneutics
    Heather Eaton
  4. Sketches for Earth Readings from the Book of Amos
    David Jobling & Nathan Loewen
  5. Messengers in the Sky
    Edgar Conrad
  6. The Earth Story in Jeremiah 12
    Terence Fretheim
  7. Psalm 8: An Apology for Domination
    Keith Carley
  8. Angels, Bird-Droppings and Fish Liver: The Earth Story in Tobit
    William Urbrock
  9. The Wisdom of Solomon
    Diane Bergant
  10. An Earth Bible Reading of the Lord's Prayer: Matthew 6.9-13
    Vicky Balabanski
  11. A Transformative Struggle Towards the Divine Dream: An Ecofeminist Reading of Matthew 11
    Elaine Wainwright
  12. '...And on Earth, Peace...' (Luke 2.14): Luke's Perspective on the Earth
    Michael Trainor
  13. The Future of the Earth and the Prologue of John: Earth Made Whole
    John Painter
  14. Creation Groaning: An Earth Bible Reading of Romans 8.18-22
    Brendan Byrne
  15. The Goodness and the Holiness of the Earth and the Whole Creation (1 Timothy 4.1-5)
    Paul Trebilco
  16. 'Burning the Land': An Ecojustice Reading of Hebrews 6.7-8
    Justisone Salevao
  17. Setting Aside the Ladder to Heaven: Revelation 21.1-22 from the Perspective of the Earth
    Duncan Reid

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